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Newport Beach, California
It was announced today that the 2019 Orange County Tax & Financial Forum (OC Tax and Financial Forum) has invited Larry O'Toole to join their list of local and national guest speakers for their 2nd annual event to be held on October 23, 2019 at The Pacific Club in Newport Beach, CA. Larry's topic will be "Delivering New Value to Your Corporate Clients" and is part of his Bank Your Moment leadership series. This series helps guide business owners and leaders on how to build long term value in their company. The annual OC Tax and Financial Forum brings together top national tax and financial experts to grow businesses and successfully meet the needs of an expanding client base. 
Newport Beach, California
The Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce (OCIACC.com) today announced that Larry O'Toole has been added to their Speaker list (OCIACC Awards Program Speakers) for their annual awards program to be held April 28th, 2019 in Newport Beach, California.  Larry will be sharing practical insights on his topic, "Trends, Moving from Awareness to Preparedness".  Larry will share steps that any organization can take to drive company value by leveraging technological trends happening in our world today.  

Orange County, California

Company owners all share a common concern pertaining to today's rapid innovations in technology and what it could mean to their business.  For some, this means chasing technologies that they hope will be a silver bullet for building long term value.  My advice is don't first think or talk about specific technologies, first think about what your business is trying to accomplish long, mid and short term.  Technologies are not the end game, they are simply enablers.  They are tools that can help you strengthen your revenues, improve your order fullfillment, enhance your customer experience, or enable all of these.  But your thinking and dialog with your team should begin with what your company needs to accomplish and once you have clarity around this, then discuss how available and emerging technologies can enable you.  

Los Angeles, California

The Aerospace & Defense Forum (A&D Forum) today published their latest newsletter including the newest article by Larry O'Toole.  The article titled, "Silent Killer to Company Value" (article) is written for business owners and senior executives.  The article draws awareness to the possibility that an organization could be operating within the dangers of a comfort zone and therefore not creating new, long term value for the business.  Larry's article points out the potential root cause symptoms an organization could be experiencing and offers practical advice for how to step out of it.  

Orange County, California

Larry O'Toole's workshop, "Trends-Moving from Awareness to Preparedness" was selected by Vistage for presentation to CEO groups in Irvine and Huntington Beach, California on March 26th, 27th & 28th.  The workshop takes away the uncertainty for business owners and CEO's on how to step above the onslaught of technological advances and take effective steps in moving organizations from awareness to preparedness.  Every business runs the risk of being disrupted or has the opportunity to leverage technological advances to enable being the disrupter.  The 3 hour workshop provides techniques and templates that any leader can use to facliate new, productive dialog internally as well as externally with customers and vendors.  Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive and credit the workshop with providing a road map for moving any business from awareness to preparedness and to leverage technological advances to build long term company value.

Orange County, California

Ask seasoned executives to share mistakes made in their career and a common answer is they didn't address quickly enough personnel issues that arose at their company.  As I work with business owners on their journey of building company value and personal net worth, this topic often arises.  It's a topic because many business owners come to realize as we work together and strengthen their company strategic direction, that parts of their organization may have to change in order to accelerate overall value creation.  And sometimes it's a particular employee that was helpful in the company getting to where it is today but no longer posseses the right skill set or even mindset to enable further company progress.  This is where ownership has to make the tough leadership decisions and either reassign and/or replace the employee and get the company back on track.  The longer this important decision is delayed, the more it can be holding back overall company value creation.  Address employee issues quickly and effectively and remain on your value building journey.

Riverside County, California

Business Insights, produced by Altek Media Group (Altek), today announced the publishing of Larry O'Toole's latest article. Larry continues to have his series of articles published by various media outlets as he dedicates his subject matter to business owners on their journey of building company and personal net worth.  The latest article, Silent Killer to Business Value (read article here), raises owner awareness to the symptoms of their company potentially operating inside a comfort zone, a zone that can significantly hold back value creation.  Larry offers insightful and practical actions that business owners can take to identify if their company is in fact operating in this dangerous zone and steps that can be taken to exit it. 

Orange County, California

Ask yourself a critical question about your company strategic plan....is your plan truly strategic or is it tactical?  Too many strategic plans focus more on the near term, perhaps 1 or 2 years.  These plans identify sales and profit targets and the needed initiatives to deliver these targets.  But to be truly a strategic plan it needs to go further by addressing additional key aspects of your business such as; 1.) what are your longer term objectives for the business (including setting an enterprise value target), 2.) what steps you will take to excite future investors or even potential acquirerers, 3.) how your business will address Trends that are or could impact your industry and, 4.) what investments you will need to make in people, systems and facilities/equipment.  Rethink your strategic planning and ensure it is truly strategic and helping you the build long term value of your company.

Orange County

HMWC (HMWC), a leading Orange County accounting firm and Consultants Link (Consultants Link) today announced that Larry O'Toole will be the keynote speaker at their upcoming March 6, 2019 event (see Seminar flyer).  The event is designed for business owners to help them take away the uncertainty of how to prepare their buisness to one day optimize company value at time of an exit

Orange County, California

The old adage, “ask the same questions, get the same answers” applies to every business owner and CEO.  If we aren’t asking our employees, customers, vendors and even advisors new questions, perhaps our dialog is stale and we’re not learning new things.  New questions that generate new dialog could lead to innovations in your product or service and enable long term growth of your company value.  If you think you might be a victim of stale dialog, think about new questions you can be asking.  Think about whether taking a new approach to your strategic planning as the catalyst to generating new dialog is best for your business.  In my career, I made sure that I used our strategic plan as a platform for generating new questions and new healthy, productive dialog!

San Diego, California

CA CEO Magazine (CA CEO) published the latest article by Larry O'Toole from his series Bank Your Moment.  This series and latest article are designed for company owners and CEO's looking to grow their long term company value.  This article (Click here to read article) identifies the difference between being aware of technological trends versus being prepared.  The article offers valuable insights and actionable steps that can be taken to be prepared for technology trends and enable the growth of company value.

Orange County, California

Ethos, a leading business networking organization invited Larry O'Toole to be their keynote speaker at their January event.  Larry presented an innovative approach to conducting strategic planning that helps faciliate more employee engagement.  The audience learned a new approach to strategic planning, including leaving the session with templates that can be used with any company to help increase confidence that strategic planning is enabling the growth of company value.

Orange County, California

Business owners often have uncertainty around how to tackle effective strategic planning. Our advice...start with assessing your organization culture.  Don't jump in to strategic planning only to find out you don't have the right organization to effectively implement it.  There is an old expression, "culture eats strategy".  The first step in effective strategic planning is to assess your culture and its readiness to embrace the planning and implementation.  This is a great first step in growing your business worth!

- Los Angeles

The Aerospace & Defense Forum today published the latest article by Yosemite Associates Founder & CEO, Larry O’Toole.

Mr. O’Toole’s article identifies the "silver tsunami" that is hitting the U.S. economy and asks why so many business owners are ill prepared.  The article points out that there are four types of business owners and offers actionable insights on steps each can take today to help their company be better positioned to one day have a euphoric outcome at time of an exit. Click here to view article.

Placentia, California

Technological trends and their impact on business value was the topic at two recent Vistage group workshops led by Larry O'Toole in Placentia, California on November 13th and another in Irvine, California on November 18th.  Larry shared his experience on moving a business from being aware of technology trends to being prepared by leveraging more effective strategic planning techniques.  He shared actionable insights and planning templates for participants to use in strategic planning with their teams in moving a business from awareness to preparedness and enabling enterprise value.

San Diego, California

USS Zumwalt Captain Scott Tait invited Larry O'Toole aboard the Navy's newest guided missile destroyer (see USS Zumwalt) to meet with the ship's officers to present and discuss emotional intelligence as a leadership enabler.  Larry provided practical and actionable insights on how to better engage with crew members through an effective application of emotional intelligence.

-Orange County, California

Larry O’Toole, Founder & CEO of Yosemite Associates, announced today the sponsorship of TeenZ On Board in support of its mission to “serve smiles to those who serve us”.

TeenZonboard.org is a philanthropic organization created by teens looking for ways to support crew members serving aboard United States Navy Zumwalt-class destroyers.

Mr. O’Toole announced this sponsorship by saying: “Yosemite Associates is impressed with the TeenZ On Board mission both in supporting U.S. Navy personnel in addition to encouraging teenagers involved looking to make a difference.”

-San Bernardino, California

1 Million Cups, a program of the Ewing Marion Kaufman Foundation, today hosted Larry O’Toole as its keynote speaker on the topic of “Building Company Value, It’s Never Too Soon To Start” at its event in San Bernardino.

1 Million Cups is a national program focused on supporting early stage business owners.

Larry O’Toole, Founder & CEO Yosemite Associates, presented his Bank Your Moment® campaign for building company worth, designed to help business owners of both early stage and mature companies on how to build effective strategic plans that will build long term company value for ownership.

-Los Angeles

Yosemite Associates announced that its Founder & CEO, Larry O’Toole was keynote speaker for the Loyola Marymount University 2019 Executive MBA class discussing his Bank Your Moment® series topic, Emotional Intelligence: The X Factor in Building Company Worth.

Larry shared his insights with students on the topic of emotional intelligence being the X factor in developing and executing on strategic plans that build company worth. The session provided actionable advice on building an organization culture that helps a business owner accelerate long term company growth.

-Los Angeles

The Aerospace & Defense Forum today published a recent article by Yosemite Founder & CEO, Larry O'Toole.

Mr. O'Toole's article points out that for business owners there are different mindsets for preparing a business for future exit and offers advice as part of his Bank Your Moment® series of articles and videos.

To view the article, click here

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