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What Others Say

Here’s a sample of what our clients say about how we help Bank Your Moment and the results we create.

We engaged Larry O’Toole and quickly see the benefit from his real-world experience and his methods.  We are now clear on what precise factors acquirers will place high value in pricing our company, as Larry focuses our team on what is needed for future exit valuation. Larry’s take-action guidance fosters sharpened strategic planning by our leadership team to build meaningful enterprise worth, while also creating substantial positive change in today’s business operations, with my confidence in success now increased.

Scott Fischer – Chairman of the Board, InstaKey Security Systems, Denver

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I saw too many fellow owners selling after years, even decades, of building their businesses, disappointed with how their companies were valued when they sold at exit. I didn’t want this happening to me, so I decided I would start early and look for expertise to guide me to a successful outcome. I turned to Larry O’Toole, as he has the capabilities and the right mindset for getting me the successful exit I desired. I knew Larry could lead my team through the right combination of steps essential to preparing my business for sale and a great exit, and saw firsthand how Larry did it, which led to my receiving a life-changing reward.

Eric Sanders – former owner, Sanders Industries, Long Beach

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I initially served with Larry O’Toole on the Board of a public company and saw first-hand his experience.  I asked Larry to become an advisor to my early stage company. I continue to benefit from his guidance as we rapidly grow.  His process in linking our strategic planning with what we know future acquirers will see as high value, brings clarity to our day-to-day operations.  Building a business is like solving a complex puzzle, and Larry's strategic thinking and planning capabilities are key in successfully assembling our great puzzle.

Rick Kriss - owner, KLATU Networks, Poulsbo [Seattle]

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Use Greenpoint Testing to Achieve Your Desired Exit Valuation

It only takes 106 questions, scanning 10 essential business functions, to stress test your readiness for a successful exit.

However, these questions require thoughtful commitment to achieve your desired exit valuation.

During this up to hour-long online testing, you'll see questions such as the following.

Sample Question 02

After internalizing each question, select among three answer options – Agree, Unsure and Don’t Agree – choosing the answer which best describes you and your business.

Then, complete the Greenpoint questionnaire to unlock your personalized report, which will reveal any gaps in your planning, pointing to the action steps needed to maximize your desired exit valuation.

Format: Digital

Delivery method: Email

Report included: Your Greenpoint results