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Your Sales Team - COVID-19 - Building Company Value

A Sales deployment plan is needed now more than ever

Whether it's a time of crisis or normal times, every business owner should have the confidence that they are providing deployment guidance to their Sales team. As a boss early in my career once said...."when your sales team pulls out of their driveways in the morning, make sure you know whether they are turning to the left or the right. If they decide, it might not align with your strategy and it therefore could hurt the business value you're trying to build".

During COVID-19, every business owner/CEO should have the confidence that their sales team has the right focus. Here are some steps to take to have this confidence:

1.) Have your team look at your customer sales data for the last 60 days to see if any new buying trends are emerging. Don't assume that your customer buying patterns from 2019 still apply today. Your data could indicate a change in customer buying patterns and if this is occurring, it could trigger a potential modification to your Sales team deployment.

2.) Look at your customer base and determine if one segment is of higher potential to buy from you than others through the crisis. If this is the case, modify your Sales team deployment to capitalize on this. You don't want a team stuck in an old comfort zone of who they were calling on when a change is needed soon.

3.) Determine if there is a new product or a new service that your existing customers, or potentially new ones, might need from you during this crisis. If so, deploy some or all of your Sales team to engage in selling the new product/service. You don't want them focused on selling things that customers might have little interest in during the crisis so redeploy them to the emerging opportunity.

4.) Look at your sales commission plan and ensure it's driving the desired deployment focus for your team. Your commission plan was appropriate for pre-crisis, but is it driving the right sales behavior and deployment during the crisis? You might have a commission plan that rewards revenue to existing customers and your opportunity might be with new ones. Or your sales people might be driven to sell a certain product/service due to the commission plan but during the crisis it's not desired by your customers. You may need to adjust the commission plan to drive them to sell a new product/service or to find new customers in new market segments. And continue to monitor whether any commission plan modifications you've made should stay in place once the crisis subsides or perhaps a permanent modification is needed.

Bottom line is during a crisis you want to ensure that every one of your resources is properly focused. And because cash is king and you want every revenue opportunity you can find, review your sales deployment strategy to determine if adjustment is needed now. Doing so might not only protect the value or worth of your business but it might also build it.

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