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Cash is King - Leadership is the Ace in Building Company Value

Leaders versus managers and the impact on your future company valuation

When COVID-19 is a bad memory, it will be evident which businesses had strong leaders and those which did not. Strong leaders are stepping up and providing leadership to their teams in 3 key areas.

1.) Communicating effectively with their employees. And this doesn't just mean sending out memo's just wishing everyone well. This means connecting through phone, video, social media, etc. and hearing employee thoughts, concerns, ideas and assuring them that leadership is on the job. This isn't a time to be a dictatorial leader but one that is engaging with and for the team.

2.) Leading the team to ensure the company remains financially stable in managing cash. Strong leaders are maintaining a proactive position in monitoring cash with their teams. Given revenue impact, what will the impact be on receiveables? Strong leaders are monitoring whether their normal percentage of "current", 30-60 days, etc. are remaining the same or looking for the earliest hint that receiveables are moving to the right. And if they are, leading the team to take counter steps to maintain the health of the business or at a minimum, minimize the damage.

3.) Providing leadership to have an effective blend of strategically playing defense and offense. What defensive steps are needed to protect the business? What strategic initiatives were underway prior to COVID-19 that the team could defer for now to free up resources and which strategic initiatives should remain full steam ahead? What new opportunities have arisen from COVID-19 that your team could take advantage of?

The bottom line is that strong leaders are ensuring their teams remain engaged as best as possible and looking for opportunities to keep protecting and building their company value or business worth through this crazy time. For some, their company's will come out of this in a weaker and lower valuation position and others will have built their company valuation and be better prepared to one day be euphoric at time of exit!

Use Greenpoint Testing to Achieve Your Desired Exit Valuation

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