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Aligned Teams and Company Value Creation

Is your team aligned to start the New Year

Here are some key questions that every business owner and CEO should be asking themselves this time of year:

1. Have me and my team defined our financial goals and supporting key strategies for the year?

2. Do these goals and strategies align with my longer term "what does great look like" (Optmizing Your Company Exit Valuation) for my business?

3. Does my leadership team understand our goals and strategies for the New Year?

4. Have I met (collectively and individually) with members of my leadership team to help them understand and embrace the role they play in enabling and supporting successful plan implementation?

5. Does my team's incentive plan align with driving the right behaviors to ensure the effective focus and implementation of our goals and strategies?

6. Have I established a mechanism for an effective cadence (daily, weekly or monthly) of monitoring and reporting on our progress?

These are just some of the healthy questions a good business leader is asking themselves and dialoging with key members of their team. If you answer "no" to any of the questions, now is the time to strengthen how you're leading your team. No company ever created great shareholder value or exited one day at a premium valuation by having a misaligned team. Whether you are thinking about exiting your business successfully in just a few years or even 10 years, now is the time to ensure you have value creating alignment with and amongst your team.

Here is a basic tool (Annual Team Goal Cascading Template) I used in my businesses so I could see how everyone's focus for the New Year was adding up to the bigger picture. In most cases, I built this template with my key leaders so it helped them better understand our bigger picture, understand the importance of their focus and gave them an appreciation and understanding of their peers so they could act as a team in delivering our desired results...and build our company value.

Use Greenpoint Testing to Achieve Your Desired Exit Valuation

It only takes 106 questions, scanning 10 essential business functions, to stress test your readiness for a successful exit.

However, these questions require thoughtful commitment to achieve your desired exit valuation.

During this up to hour-long online testing, you'll see questions such as the following.

Sample Question 02

After internalizing each question, select among three answer options – Agree, Unsure and Don’t Agree – choosing the answer which best describes you and your business.

Then, complete the Greenpoint questionnaire to unlock your personalized report, which will reveal any gaps in your planning, pointing to the action steps needed to maximize your desired exit valuation.

Format: Digital

Delivery method: Email

Report included: Your Greenpoint results